Four intriguing and inspiring BOOM Award winners, 2019

The BOOM Awards (Best of Organic Market) celebrate the best offerings from the world of organic and they have just announced their 2019 winners. Here's just a handful that caught my eye...

1. Pip Organic, Rainbow Fruity Lollies with Cheeky Veg (best new organic product)

Ice lollies with organic fruit & vegetable segments

Pip Organic - Rainbow Fruity Lollies. Including butternut and spinach

Like the annoyingly angelic cousin of a good ol' sugar-drenched Rocket lolly. Pip Organic's offering possess such levels of purity that they deem eating veg 'cheeky'. I tease, but these are a great treat for kids and adults alike.

19 calories per lolly, no added sugar or sweetners and along with plenty of sweet summer fruits, they include ingredients such as butternut squash, carrot and spinach.


2. Gluts & Gluttony, Kathy Slack (best organic food blogger)

Kathy Slack's delicious food and lifestyle won her Best Organic Food Blogger

If you're frequently found digging up weeds, complaining about slugs and whispering sweet nothings to your growing veggies, Kathy is your lady.

Based in the Cotswolds, she keeps a wholesome blog about the ups and down of her organic veggie patch.

Having trained as a chef and worked at various places including River Cottage, she also has loads of great recipes and some fabulous food porn. I write this at just gone 10:00. But she's got me going. I'm now quite ready for lunch...


3. Original Beans, Zoque 88% Spirited Dark chocolate (best of organic confectionary) Dark chocolate with tropical aromas of lychee and coconut with a smooth melt.

Original Beans' Zoque 88% Spirited Dark. Exotic chocolate with a conscious

Exotic chocolate in pretty packaging and behind it a very worthy cause.

The people of Selva Zoque in Southern Mexico have been cultivating versions of chocolate for over 4,000 years.

I find that hard to get my head round, but it's a comfort to know that my need for chocolate is not simply a whim of period-related weakness but in fact a part of my heritage, a deep-rooted desire passed through generations and engrained in human DNA... right?

Originally they produced a powerful - and they believed sacred (here here!) - drink from the forest fruit they knew as 'kakaw' which we now know as cacao.

Original Beans support local farmers to help keep the cacao tradition alive, as well protecting the beautiful Selva Zoque rainforests which are home to ocelots, some amazing exotic birds and the strange yet indeniably adorable Baird's tapir.

They've grown over 2 million trees and through a nifty 'tree tracker', you can input a code from your Original Beans bar to find out where the cacao beans were grown, the animals they are helping to protect and how many local families are involved. Nice work Original Beans!


4. Riverford Field Kitchen (best organic eating out) Organic, seasonal food with vegetables and herbs picked daily from the farm and field kitchen down the road.

Riverford Field Kitchen in Devonshire won for its seasonal and (very) local food

The best organic place to eat out is aptly positioned down a quiet country lane in the heart of the Devonshire countryside.

Their menu changes daily and there's no starters or mains per se, they just bring out a stream of delicious food (six to eight dishes). What a dream.

Riverford have done super well this year hitting the double whammie by also winning best of organic box schemes.


Click here to read all about the benefits of organic. including reduced greenhouse gas emmisions, improved nutrition, higher animal welfare and greater biodiversity in our fields...

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