Making beer from end-of-day bagels

Bread is one of the most wasted foods in the UK. One estimate suggests that 44% of it produced in the UK is not eaten.

Another way to put this - 1 million loaves. Every day. And half of this is commercial.

In an effort to tackle this waste, Brighton's very own Bagelman got in touch with fellow local business, Franklins Beer Co. to turn its leftover bagels into beer. And in 2016, Optimist was born.

Optimist beer is brewed using end-of-day bagels from Bagelman

How does it work? The surplus bagels provide starch that break down into sugars and then ferments into alcohol. So Bagelman creates waste bagels to brew the beer and brewing the beer creates yeast to bake the bagels. What a beautiful cycle to uphold a couple of the UK's most popular guilty pleasures.

Why the name? Bagelman owner Anthony Prior explains that there's a saying in the bagel world - the optimist sees the bagel, the pessimist sees the hole.

More benefits? Surely not? Well, not only does Optimist reduce Brighton's food waste and increase the amount of beer in the world, they also donate 10% of their money to local food waste charities.

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