FREE water all around your city - a brief intro to the Refill campaign

The UK is way behind in terms of water fountains. Visiting other modern European countries, you'll normally come across public fountains in the cities - a place to fill up, stay hydrated and mitigate the need to buy bottles.

At least we finally now have water fountains at the major railway hubs, but that's another story...

I went to a Circular Economy event recently and was surprised to find my fellow attendees had not come across the Refill campaign. And if they're not aware, I felt there was an urgent need to spread the word.

To summarise - any cafe or venue with the above sticker on their window will be perfectly happy for you to stroll in, ask for your water bottle to be filled up and leave with no purchase necessary.

I have been doing this for many years before the stickers were about and was hardly ever given any grief, but I did always felt a little self-induced tinge of shame for it. This campaign is perfect for my fellow green & guilt-ridden souls who now have the peace of mind that the venue is actively supporting such frugal behaviour.

If you are out and about in town, you can find your nearest Refill location on the app. There's now 20,000 locations signed up and every time you register a refill on the app, the wonderful charity, City to Sea (who own the campaign) receives 13p from Water UK.

Tangent alert! I couldn't resist a little plug for City to Sea. Their work is nothing short of inspiring. They've been spreading the word on plastic-free periods and how 'flushable' wipes are ABSOLUTELY NOT flushable. Ignore the packaging folks, they're far from biodegradable.

A City to Sea campaign a couple of years ago had an amazing nation-wide result with plastic cotton bud stems coming off our supermarket shelves, replaced by card stems. Read more about their ground-breaking (well, earth-healing) campaigns here:

Download the Refill app to find locations near you:

Find out more about the campaign:

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Look out for the Refill sticker in cafe windows to top up your water bottle for free

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