£1.50 for 5kg of mixed fruit & veg at Lidl! Saving the planet and saving you money

Lidl has just introduced a marvellous new scheme, ‘Too Good To Waste’. For just £1.50, you can pick up a 5kg box of fruit and veg that is just past its best. To those struggling to imagine what 5kg may look like that could be…

8 bananas

3 onions

3 lemons

2 beef tomatoes

2 aubergines

2 lemons

Quite the bargain for enough green stuff to keep the household going for a few days.

In addition food being sold on its sell-by date will cost a blanket 70p for anything that cost £1+ full priced and 20p for anything that was under £1.

This is part of their commitment to reduce food waste from stores by 25% by 2020 and 50% by 2030.

To rescue a box of perfectly edible food, save some cash and fill your fridge with plenty of fruit and veggie goodness, head to Lidl in the morning. These boxes are put out at the start of the day and at around midday anything not sold is donated to Feed it Back to distribute to the local community.

Nice one Lidl!

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