How to recycle plastic in Brighton & Hove. Spotlight on: Magpie Co-operative

What is Magpie Co-operative?

A subscription recycling service – don't be scared off! It's less than £2 per week - who offer kerbside collection of a wide range of materials.

They collect from 1,200 subscribers (homes and businesses) in Brighton & Hove.

They also collect unwanted furniture (for free) which is sold at their shop, Shabitat or given away through the Homeless Furniture Project.

Why would I use Magpie when the council already collect recycling?

Magpie collects a much wider range of materials including clothes and garden waste, and they promise not to ship anything abroad.

Collection runs are made in their funky green vehicles - electric powered milk floats, converted at their very own workshop.

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Cool collection vehicles. In a previous life these were milk floats which have been converted to electric at Magpie's workshop

What can Magpie recycle that the council can't?

Clean foil, tetra packs (juice/ nut milk cartons), telephone directories and clean clothes, bags, towels, bedding and shoes.

Magpie also collects garden waste and lots of different kinds of plastic with the general rule that if it doesn't shatter, they'll take it.

Check out the full list here:

How much does recycling collection cost?

It works out at just £1.92 a week (£25 per quarter). Garden waste is charged slightly differently at £3 per large bin bag and a minimum of three bags.

Furniture collection including wardrobes, sofas and office furniture can be collected for free

What happens to garden waste?

This is taken to Tamar Organics in Lewes who process it to produce high quality, organic compost, woodchip and mulch.

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