Repair Cafe in Brighton – what can I get repaired?

In a world of consumerism it's great to see places like this pop up. This is just a brief one to give you the low-down to make popping in less daunting...


Bring along your broken bits and a team of helpful volunteer fixers will diagnose the problem and show you how to fix them over a cuppa*. Your broken something has a new lease of life and you've made new friends, yes!

* exceptions: broken limbs and hearts...


Hanover Community Centre, 33 Southover Street, Brighton, BN2 9UD


The last Saturday of each month (except December), 10:30 - 12:30. Here's the dates until the end of 2019: Saturday 27th July Saturday 31st August Saturday 28th September Saturday 26th October Saturday 30th November

What can they fix?

Clothes, bikes, textiles, small electrical goods... it varies, but to be on the safe side check their Facebook page to see what they're repairing this month...

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