What the climate strike looked like in Brighton

20th September 2019

Across the world today, millions of people walked out their workplaces and skipped school to gather for the largest climate strike in the history of our struggling planet.

Millions of strikers

4,685 events across the globe

150 countries

200+ events in the UK

1 planet

Here's what the climate strike looked like in Brighton:

Why did strikers take to the streets across the world today?

As a protest against the lack of action around climate change.

These strikes have been inspired by Swedish teen, Greta Thunberg who took herself out of school on Friday afternoons to stand outside Swedish parliament. Here she would call on leaders to take urgent action to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Her passion and succint quotes have earned her an incredible following and in her footsteps, school students have since been organising strikes.

What are the UK strikers hoping for?

- Politicians to introduce a "Green New Deal" to cut the UK's emissions to zero

- An improvement in education to equip the younger generation with ways of dealing with the climate crisis

- The right to vote from 16 to give younger people a voice

Why was today special?

The strike today was a bit different as it called for everyone to join in, not just students. It was also the biggest environmental protest in history.

It was timed to happen just ahead of a climate action summit in New York (23rd September) where countries will be urged to up their climate efforts.

What can I do?

A lot! Start with that man in the mirror! (Or woman...)

The best thing you can do is to get informed. If you see an article that interests you, read it. If you find a fact shocking, tell people.

If you're keen to make some changes RIGHT NOW, head to this post for five little life tweaks to help our planet...

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