Where to buy reclaimed wood in Brighton. Spotlight on: The Wood Store

What's The Wood Store?

A wood recycling project based in Brighton. It's a not-for-profit social enterprise upcycling or reselling wood that's had a previous life.

The Wood Store Brighton. Volunteers building. Sustainability, green news and events in Brighton & Hove
Volunteers learn how to make wooden wears from rescued wood

Where has the wood come from?

The team collects unwanted timber from individuals and businesses. Regular collections can be arranged and depending on the volume timber collection may even be free.

The Wood Store collect from construction sites, working with big firms like Taylor Wimpey, right down to small, local building services.

Some of the wood also comes with some history attached - The Wood Store is the only trader to sell reclaimed Brighton Pier decking!

Collection from The Wood Store is more convenient and cheaper than using a skip, plus your waste may be transformed to someone else's treasure after a visit to the workshop

What happens to the collected wood?

The wood takes on various forms once collected...

- A workshop team upcycles the wood into bespoke furniture – tables, bookshelves, kitchen islands etc both for homes and businesses

- There's also a shop on site selling gifts and homewares made from the reclaimed wood, like door wedges and bird boxes

- Timber, scaffold boards, ply and firewood can all be purchased so you can work on your own project

The Wood Store Brighton. Planters and pollinator homes. Sustainability, green news and events in Brighton & Hove
Rescued wood is turned into products including planters, insect homes, decorations and furniture

Where can I see some of The Wood Store's work?

Brighton has a few cafes which have been kitted out by The Wood Store team, including Trading Post Coffee Roasters, This Little Piggy and Bird & Blend Tea Company.

Bird & Blend Brighton, reclaimed wood from The Wood Store. Sustainability, green news and events in Brighton & Hove
Bird & Blend in Brighton has been kitted out by The Wood Store, with reclaimed wood throughout

What makes The Wood Store a social enterprise?

As well as rescuing it from the dump and giving timber a new lease of life, another core aim is to create jobs and training for local people, particularly for those struggling to get back to employment.

Volunteers don't need experience and there's a range of activities to help with including collections, admin, shop work, building and product design.

What are the benefits of buying reclaimed wood?

Materials such as glass can be recycled to make new glass, but when timber is recycled, it is broken down into chips and burnt to produce energy. Unless upcycled, the wood is never used as wood again.

Wood also stores CO2, which is released into the atmosphere when it's burned, so reusing wood saves this CO2 release.

Where is The Wood Store?

Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project,

Unit 2 Longley Industrial Estate,

Elder Place,



or visit their website:

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